Kagiru Sudoku

Kagiru Sudoku v0.25 has shipped

Build 18 made it as the now available v0.25. Enjoy the release. Junior & mini Sudoku puzzles, faster & (optionally) symmetric puzzle generation and Ukranian translation were added. Puzzle progress follow-up by value and extra shortkeys for faster navigation in puzzles are new, too. Various bugs are fixed in this version. Puzzle properties and About screen were improved.

Kagiru Sudoku v0.25 soon to ship

The 0.25 version is soon to ship. It will include junior and mini size puzzles, symmetric puzzle generation and lots of other nice features.

Site released

Welcome to the new website for Kagiru Sudoku... enjoy it!

Kagiru Sudoku hiring - This project is looking for translators.

Kagiru Sudoko is free software, both as in freedom and as in free beer. Check its General Public License (GPL)!

Note that Kagiru Sudoku requires Java Runtime version 5 or higher to run. You can download it at the Sun Java website.