The Kagiru Sudoku software as well as this website is developed by Roel Hertoghs.


Other credits are due to the translators of this software. Its default language may be English, but Kagiru Sudoku is available in 10 other languages, thanks to:

  • René Tauchnitz, providing the German translation
  • Alex aka PharaOnyx, providing the Spain translation
  • souqueta, providing the French translation
  • Roel Hertoghs, providing the Dutch translation
  • Adam Babol, providing the Polish translation
  • Vlad Dogaru, providing the Romanian translation
  • Nick Khazov, providing the Russian translation
  • Jari Pyyluoma, providing the Swedish translation
  • Fatih Kucukbaltaci, providing the Turkish translation
  • Dmitry, providing the Ukranian translation


You're welcome to contribute your language! Check how to translate Kagiru Sudoku.

Open source community

Kagiru Sudoku was brought to you thanks to...

  • the kind open source project hosting services from the guys over at Sourceforge,
  • the fancy platform independent (!) IzPack Java software installer,
  • Benno Meyer, for making the great icons,
  • Freshmeat open source software index and
  • the super flexible and nifty Ant build tool.