This page should give you an idea of what this puzzle game looks like.

Version 0.25

  • Basic puzzle view:

  • A view on a nice puzzle:

  • You can view errors while you play, if you want to:

  • If you're not a fan of numbers or you like something else (and somehow more difficult) for a change, Kagiru may please you as follows:

  • Kagiru Sudoku is available in 11 languages in total, including e.g. Russian:

  • Not only is the interface highly customisable, you can follow-up the puzzle on a value basis, too, truly a nifty feature to speed-up your solving:

    Notice the symmetric generated puzzles.

  • Math lovers will like Kagiru, too:

  • If regular Kagiru is too complex for you(r children), junior puzzles are the solution for you:

  • Mini (6x6) puzzles are supported, too:

  • The obliged Help_About window:

Future version sneak preview

  • Super 16x16 puzzles, if you have a lot of time to waste and/or regular puzzles are too easy for you: