Compiling kagiru soduku from scratch

This document describes how to compile kagiru from its subversion (SVN) repository, including creating the myjaut library from sources.

PREREQUISITE - We'll need Java SDK 1.5 to compile Kagiru, as well as a version from the svn versioning tool and the ant build tool.

Create Myjaut library from sources

The myjaut module is a multi-purpose library used by kagiru. It is compiled into the executable, so users don't need to worry about it. But if we compile kagiru from its sources, we'll need to have myjaut compiled first.

Get Myjaut Sources

  • svn co myjaut
  • Compile Myjaut Sources

  • cd myjaut/myjaut
  • ant dist
  • In the dist folder, you should now have a myjaut.jar folder.

    Compiling Kagiru Sudoku, using the Myjaut library

    Get Kagiru sources from SVN

    Now this is finished, we proceed to the real kagiru source.

    Let' first fetch it from SVN.

  • cd ../..
  • svn co kagiru
  • cd kagiru/kagiru
  • Setting

    Before compiling kagiru, we first need to tell ant where to find myjaut's JAR file.

    We do so by creating a file by the name of, as follows:

  • echo myjaut-location=../../myjaut/myjaut/dist/myjaut.jar >
  • The final call

    Now we're all set for the final go!

  • ant dist
  • Remark

    You may get an error stating taskdef class com.izforge.izpack.ant.IzPackTask cannot be found.

    This means you don't have IzPack installed. Simply delete the IzPack taskdef reference in the build.xml file to avoid this error.

    This should give you a self executable JAR file for kagiru in the dist directory. Enjoy it!

    A question, remark, suggestion, ... let me know.


    A similar procedure exists starting with the ZIP sources.